PONTUS is no hardening plant, but a heat treatment center.

We are specialized in performing specific heat treatments. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and longstanding experience, we are capable of programming our furnaces in such a way that the heat treatment is performed exactly in accordance with the specifications.

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It is not just our clients, but we too make great demands of the work we perform. Our goal is to make yet another step in exceeding our own performances. It starts with a quality system that meets the highest of the demands.

Four steps lead us to the best result. It is a mode of operation that we implemented based on our previous experiences in the aircraft industry.

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First of all, we explore all the requirements the heat treatment operation your product would undergo. Based on those requirements, we perform analysis of everything that is necessary to achieve the most efficient heat treatment. At the same time, we assess the risks, which we register in a product FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis). Wherever possible and desirable, we join our forces in seeking the improvements.


Based on the analysis from step 1, we prepare a proposal for heat treatment. That proposal is product-specific and contains information about the time, pressure and temperature, but also about the furnace settings, racking and batch size. Subsequently, we discuss the entire proposal with you, together with possible improvements, until we reach the final agreement.


The procedure from step 2 shall then undergo a test, by means of several specimen treatments. This phase is complete when all of the requirements have been met, and the heat treatment procedure is stipulated by means of a First Article Inspection (FAI). This means that, apart from a detailed description of heat treatment, we also prepare a work instruction and an inspection plan.


The heat-treatment has now been optimized for your product. All of the parameters have been defined, and we can proceed with the production in a fast and efficient way. During the production, we shall continuously monitor the entire production process. Should any improvement be possible to make (for instance, in the batch size), we shall consult you so that you can always count on the most effective heat treatment possible.

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