Stronger. Harder. Better.

Let's think about improving the product.

...a little bit ours

We want to contribute to the succes of your products.

Beyond the heat treatment

A good treatment is only part of our job.

Stronger. Harder. Better.

Let's think about improving the product.


PONTUS is a Heat Treatment specialist. As such, we are a important link in the manufacturing of high-end machines, tools and parts. We optimize and develop complex heat treatment in our vacuum furnaces on a daily basis. Our heat treaters are capable of delivering input to come up with efficient solutions to the production process. Our customers belong to the top of the world in several areas, including top sports, aerospace, energy, semicon etc. They expect creativity, perseverance and a vast knowledge of us, so that we can call our customer’s product our own.


Nadcap recognizes Pontus HeatTreatment for its commitment to continual improvement in aerospace quality.

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PONTUS is the go-getter that looks at the whole picture and strives to be better. We do not give in easily, continue to be innovating and are constantly critical towards ourselves. We think and talk about end products and try to overlook the whole production chain, from raw material to end product. Furthermore we try to improve constantly wherever there is a oppertunity in the whole production process. Your products are a little bit ours as well!

Being a specialist we would like to provide a positive contribution to your product. PONTUS is the specialist when you want to strengthen yourself. We see oppertunities, discover possibilities and pick up the challenges to make sure that your product will improve. To be able to do so, we made a clear division in our organisation.

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“Improvement” is firmly hooked on PONTUS and it is the core of our being. Not only do we improve your product, we are working to improve our cooperations constantly.




"you are getting stronger, harder, better with PONTUS. We are constantly looking for ways to optimize processes, improve products and intensify relationships."

“Everything in the world needs to get better, more efficient, more beautiful, faster and more sustainable. To be able to contribute, you need to develop and improve yourself constantly. Only by doing so you will be able to rise above yourself and be significant to others.”

How we work

PONTUS contributes to end products that are successful. We are constantly seeking to improve heat treatment of products, enforce cooperations, optimize processes and broaden knowledge. We are your partner when it comes to a better product.

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