At PONTUS we try to keep delivery times as short as possible. We realize that our customers’ products should remain as short as possible at our premisses. Long delivery times disrupt production chains too much.

At times even the short delivery times at PONTUS are not sufficient. For instance in a continuous production process. Even then do we have a solution…


Our professionals are able to work on site at our customers. This way the knowledge of Pontus becomes part of your production process to create a top-product. Even this way your product will be a little bit ours as well.


The main advantage of this type of partnership is that we provide continuity in the knowledge of our professionals. But you will get more:

  • Our team of experts and engineers can be deployed at your site when necessary.
  • Our well trained employees can carry out preventive and curative maintenance tasks.
  • Our furnaces can provide capacity in case of emergency, maintenance or during period of extra production. This way you can create more capacity with less investment.
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