Decisively, solution orientated, interested and thinking in end products.

We want to exceed ourselves over and over again. You will notice that we excel in all that we do and that we come up with solutions you did not even know you needed them. We are interested in the people we work with, so that we can contribute optimally to any sort of end product.



PONTUS is a go-getter who looks at the bigger picture and thrives to improve. We do not give in easily, keep on innovating and take a critical look at ourselves constantly. We think and talk in end products and oversee the complete production chain, from miniral to end product.

PONTUS contributes to succesfull end products and therefore is always looking for improvements to harden products, strengthen co-operations, innovate processes, and broaden knowledge.



PONTUS is the specialist when you want to improve. We see opportunities, explore possibilities and except challenges to make sure that your product will be better.

With us you are not a customer or supplier, you are a parnter! Together we solve problems, but more importantly, we try to prevent them.


We do not give much for empty promises. To be able to really show how we work we like to invite you to come and take a look yourself. We think that after a visit to our premises you will have a clear picture of our real value.

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