Short delivery times are very important to PONTUS. Most of the products stay at our premises for just one day, or a couple of days at the most. In order to realize such speed, we must quickly move between different projects and work efficiently. Therefore, the first thing we need is the fast furnaces in various sizes, which will enable us to process one, or several orders immediately, without incurring high costs in the process.

Secondly, we have set up our business processes in such a way that we do not make unnecessary time losses. As soon as we receive your products, we divide them in groups, depending on your wishes and demands. Each group is assigned a separate color. These colors could not only be recognized in our own house style, but on the work floor as well: work orders, furnaces and employee qualifications are linked to these colors.

That’s the way we make PONTUS stronger, harder, better.


When it comes to the products that must be hardened in the best possible way and delivered in the shortest possible time, PONTUS has developed several specific standard treatments as well. In that regard, various products could be combined, which keeps the costs low. Of course - quality still remains on a very high level.

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Pontus has added the name M-Braze to the high temperature vacuum brazing technology. The products - either complex or simple in nature, and produced from a wide variety of materials, are brazed using Pontus’ very own M-Braze sustainable brazing technology.


At PONTUS, Aerospace does not only refer to aircraft parts. We treat any product, which is subject to multiple special demands such as specific heat treatments, special furnace loads, or extensive reports as if it were the aircraft parts.

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PONTUS is a specialist, providing unsurpassed heat-treatment of extremely high quality. However, it also means that we are not capable of carrying out all of the heat treatments in our own furnaces. Nevertheless, to be able to remain the partner to our clients, we have made thorough agreements with neighboring companies that can assist us in completing our capabilities. It could be other heat treating facilities, but it could also be partners with special installations that they place at PONTUS’ disposal. They carry out the required heat treatment, but we monitor the quality.

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